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Easy-to-use products, easy to see results

Best of all, it’s easy to discover for yourself why farmers and gardeners have turned to Weaver since 1929.

No fuss. (No kidding.)

When you’re made of superior stuff – mixed in just the right amounts – there’s no need for complicated technology or confusing regimens.

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All Purpose Plant Food

Whether you’re after dazzling daylilies or magnificent morning glories, you need balance – in more ways than one. Because our all-purpose products are locally formulated, they not only give your greenery the right nutrients in the right ratio, they also give you maximum results with minimum stress.

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Specialty Fertilizer

You can call it ‘finicky’ or ‘unproductive’. But by any name, your soil is unique. With this in mind, Weavers’ specialized products are crafted to meet your soil’s needs, whether it’s rapid growth, long-term nourishment, perfectly balanced pH – or all of the above.

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Rooted in history.

On the Delta or in Virginia, from crops to community, Weaver has helped cultivate the most nourishing things in life for nearly a century.

Weaver has been crafted with pride since 1929.